Krusader action Open Yakuake Here


Krusader action creates a new tab within Yakuake window, changes directory to current directory of file manager, renames the tab and opens the window if it was hidden.


  • Krusader ≥ 1.90
  • Yakuake ≥ 2.9.6

Download and install

Download the action and install it using Krusader menu Useractions → Manage User Actions. If you have an old version of action then remove it. The default hotkey for action is F2 and this leads to conflict with Konsole hotkey. You should whether redefine one of these hotkeys or simply delete hotkey for Konsole.


You can ask questions and suggest ideas in the corresponding topic of the blog or by sending emails directly.

Change log

version 0.2 [22.08.2012]

  • fix: errors due to recent API changes in Yakuake

version 0.1 [28.07.2009]

initial public release