About Me

It's always hard for me to write about myself. It's difficult to make correct opinion from outside. That's why I'll better write about my passions and views. It's more definitely.

My primary passion is mathematics. I've started to show interest in it when I was a kid. I liked non-standard problems, where you need to find an idea rather than use some well-known algorithm. After winning some mathematical competitions I wanted to enter Moscow State University, the place where mathematical education is the best in our country. It was hard for me to pass entrance exams as I always had a lack of attentiveness when I do mathematical manipulation.

The computational mathematics was the most attractive course in the university and this had strong influence on my interest in programming. I like the idea that one could say to machine what to do only once by using special language, and computer would do so every time you need it. Furthermore I actively support Open Source ideas and think they are important for healthy development of software. My primary operating system at home and at work for many years is Gentoo GNU/Linux.

At present time I work in a small russian company in scientific department. In my opinion a small company helps to improve abilities and gives more freedom for action. I like my job.

This blog is devoted to different technical projects and notes. For other types of communication please refer to our family blog. Feel free to contact me via email or in comments, I always open to conversation and glad to receive your suggestions.

Nikita Melnichenko.