Krusader and Yakuake integration

June 28, 2009
Krusader and Yakuake

KDE4 migration wasn't easy for me. Some functionality is missing, some modules doesn't work properly. But you should remember that KDE3 branch is dead. Sooner or later you'll have to migrate. I just want to give my two cents for a good cause.

One of the most convenient features in the old environment was integration between Krusader, a file manager, and Yakuake, a terminal emulator. The standard F2 hotkey of Krusader that opens a new Konsole instance in the current directory could be reassigned to create and show a new Yakuake tab in the current directory. This helps to dramatically reduce number of opened windows and makes file browsing more comfortable. Such integration was made by user action that contacted Yakuake when hotkey is pressed. This was happily broken in KDE4 since a new version of Yakuake uses DBus system for interprocess communication instead of obsolete DCOP. There are some patches in the Internet to fix it. I was interested not only in porting action to DBus but also in fixing some annoying bugs. They are incorrect behaviour for dirs with spaces and special characters, denial of service when Yakuake isn't launched, closing Yakuake window when it's opened. Finally the script was written from scratch.

If you use Krusader often you should try this useful binding! Install instructions and download link are available at the project page.

Nikita Melnichenko.

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