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May 25, 2009
Amarok plugin

Today I moved Lyrics Manager homepage to this site. Also created a better project page with detailed description and updated screenshots. I'm still using KDE-3.x now as well as Amarok-1.x but it's time to look towards new trends and try KDE-4.x. If some features of Lyrics Manager would be needed for Amarok-2.x, I will port the plugin to the new system. Anyway, you can post comments regarding Lyrics-Manager-0.x here, in this thread.

Nikita Melnichenko.


17.11.2010, 07:51

i'm behind a firewall and i can only access web through setting my http proxy.

i set the proxy settings in amarok but that seems to be only for streaming/radio stations (that itself is bogus). i also created a script to call amarok after setting http_proxy and HTTP_PROXY environment variables. still no luck. the plugin fails to connect to servers online.

can you help me with this?

Nikita Melnichenko
21.11.2010, 18:12

Actually, the Lyrics Manager plugin is an offline program, it doesn't connect to any server. It just operates with Amarok's database.

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