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May 3, 2010

One month has passed since the first public release of Make Progress plasmoid and it's time to sum up. The most important thing is that the program appeared to be useful for people. It's shown by the first place in the user voting on the KDE Javascript Jam Session and high rating on This interest motivates me to continue development. I've received many feature requests and it's clear that people really use the plasmoid on their desktops. For example, Andrew Andrianov even shared a task management script that uses PHP, MySQL and my plasmoid. Some unpleasant bugs were also discovered. For instance, Plasma bug #234781 that causes crash when plasmoid intensively used with the Make Progress data engine. This means that we should not use DBus interface for some time. KDE team didn't devoted their attention to this issue yet and it's not known when it will be fixed. If you want to help then vote up this bug on its page.

Unfortunately, plasmoid haven't become the winner of the competition — the first place has been taken by the program that imitates fishes in the aquarium. I agree that the idea is very impressive however I can't figure out how is it possible to compare functional and entertainment programs within a single contest. The most surprising thing was a title distribution. I've received the Creative Genius label and the author of Aquarium was called a Technical Giant. In my opinion, this should be quite the contrary. Well, all these awards are very subjective.

Today's release brings Russian localization as well as a general translation template. You're welcome to translate interface to your native language. The Make Progress seems to be the first javascript plasmoid which has a localization. Keep tracking further enhancements!

Nikita Melnichenko.

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