Diagrams with arrows

February 7, 2010
DokuWiki plugin

I'm happy to announce a new long-expected experimental release of DokuWiki plugin Diagram that supports arrows! Other notable change is a reworked processing engine and a new layout for decreasing amount of XHTML code (I plan to continue development in this direction). A plenty of changes has been made so I decided to break the line of stable releases and create a separate branch. Fresh code needs some testing, you know...

The documentation was updated so feel free to download and try out the new version. As an example I've equipped Kennedy family tree with arrows. Finally, I want to show you how the diagram from the documentation looks in the Firefox browser:

Screenshot: diagram with arrows

I tested this version with Firefox-3.5, Chromium-4.0 — it looks great. Konqueror-4.3 makes the same small errors as it did with the stable release. If your favorite browser doesn't show this diagram properly — write to me and I'll try to fix it.

Nikita Melnichenko.


Nikita Melnichenko
08.02.2010, 19:24

At last, I found machine with Internet Explorer 8.0. It shows these diagrams well.

18.02.2010, 02:01

Useful addition! But how did you get the "equipped Kennedy family tree with arrows" to show up on a separate page inside of Docuwiki? Do you use another template or something?

Nikita Melnichenko
18.02.2010, 11:50

Actually, I didn't. Just copied generated HTML code, CSS styles and images there. This site doesn't use DokuWiki engine.

Speaking of wiki, you can't use different templates on different pages of the same wiki, AFAIK.

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